SFT Advanced Pro, Powder-Free 無粉手套-藍色 #1131

SFT Advanced Pro, Powder-Free 無粉手套-藍色 #1131
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SafeTouch® Pro with an extended cuff, tested for use with chemotherapy drugs
Nitrile glove with an extended cuff

Used in: Dental, Medical, Industrial, Health and beauty, Retail

• 290mm Extended cuff over additional proteion for users who handle high risk chemicals or contaminants.
• Nitrile provides proven protection from common chemicals, coupled with excellent puncture resistance and tear strength.
• Textured fingertips provide for good grip in both wet and dry situations.
• Ergonomic design for reduced hand fatigue.
• Latex free


Package: 100個/盒, 10盒/箱




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